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Dr. Yamile Sandoval Castro

Specialty in design, modeling and manufacturing of bio-inspired mobile robots, using rigid materials and highly flexible materials, with potential applications in inspection, cleaning and safety. My areas of interest are the development of bio-inspired autonomous robots, Climbing robots, Path planning, Design of locomotion algorithms for robots with legs, wheels, apoda, etc., Robot location, Automation, Control, Industrial robotics, Design , modeling and manufacturing of flexible actuators, Development of soft robotics using 3D printing techniques and the use of liquid elastomers, as well as the study and construction of inflatable robots.


Dr. Eduardo Morales Sánchez

Professional training: Bachelor of Electronics at B.U.A. from Puebla; Master's Degree in Instrumentation and Automatic Control at the U. A de Querétaro; Doctorate in Engineering in electrical properties of materials from the U. A de Querétaro. He has been a research professor at the CICATA-IPN Queretaro Unit since 2006, he has a Level II National Researcher Appointment granted by the National System of Researchers. The research areas of his publications can be summarized in: Food technology: Emerging technologies for food processing. Industrial processes: Development of mechatronic devices for the processing of organic and inorganic materials. Instrumentation and automation: Development of devices for Bioelectronics, Robotics, Electronics.

Dr. Ivan Trejo-Zuñiga

Ivan Trejo-Zuñiga currently works at the Department of Mechatronics, Universidad Tecnológica de San Juan del Río. Ivan does research in Control Systems Engineering. Their most recent publication is 'Fractional controller based on a robust PI^α observer for uncertain fractional systems'.


Dr. Juvenal Rodríguez Reséndiz

I currently work in:
Coordinator of the Automation Engineering career
Coordinator of the Master in Automatic Instrumentation and Control
Full-time Professor-Researcher at UAQ
IEEE President Querétaro section
Responsible for the international ABET and CACEI accreditation obtained in 2016
I am member of:
National System of Researchers I (SNI I)
IEEE Senior Member
Mexican Academy of Sciences

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